Graph Theory

UGA MATH/CS 4690/6690, Spring 2016.
Graphs: properties and algorithms.

  • final exam grades

    The final exam has been graded, and the grades are available on elc. The basic conversion to letter grades is:

    52-70 A 32-51 B 18-31 C

    Thanks for a great semester, and enjoy your summer!


  • homework pick-up

    The homeworks are back and ready to be picked up. Since I’m out of town this week, I’ve put Ernest Guico in charge of them. He will be in his office this evening from 5:30pm to around 7:30pm, tomorrow evening at the same time for students to pick up their recent assignments. His office is in Boyd Graduate Studies Building, room 427G.

    Best of luck on the final this Thursday!

  • final exam details

    Just to make sure there is no last minute confusion, the information for the final exam is as follows. The final exam will be held this Thursday, May 5, from 12:00pm to 3:00pm in Boyd Graduate Studies Building, room 302. It will be proctored by Patrick McFaddin, since I am out of town this week.

    If you have a grade of at least an A- in the course at this point (you can check on elc), then you are not required to take the final exam.

  • final exam information and approximate grades

    Approximate course grades

    If you go on elc, you should now be able to see a new grade item, which is your “appoximate final grade,” calculated based on the first 2 exams and the homework which has been graded so far. This score is given on a 4 point scale:

    3.5 and up = A 2.5 to 3.5 = B 1.5 to 2.5 = C 0.5 to 1.5 = D

    If your approximate class grade is at least a 3.5, you do not need to take the final exam. Note that a grade of 3.7 and higher is an A while between 3.5 and 3.7 is an A- (and similarly for the other grade ranges).

    Final information

    The final exam is a cumulative test, and your best way to prepare will be to review the previous exams, study sheets and homeworks. You will have 3 hours for the exam, but I will try to design the test to be completable within 2 hours.

    Choosing not to take the final

    If you have an approximate class grade of at least 3.5, you can choose not to take the final. Some useful points:

    • if your grade is lower than a 3.5, you must take the final exam!
    • if your grade is at least a 3.5, you can choose not to take the exam at any time. you can even go to the exam and not hand it in!
    • if your grade is at least a 3.5 and you choose not to take the exam, any homework scores which have not yet been graded will not be counted against your score (but can still help your score). that is to say, you are guaranteed that your final class grade will be at least as high as your approximate grade.

  • exam 2 grading complete

    Exam 2 is now graded, and the grades can now be found on elc. The translation from numerical to letter scores is as follows:

    • A: 25-40
    • B: 15-24
    • C: 7-14

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