Ideas in Mathematics

UPenn MATH 1700, Fall 2023.
Ideas in Mathematics

Syllabus and Course Structure

Welcome to Ideas in Mathematics!


This course is intended as an introduction to mathematical thinking and the use of mathematics across a range of human experiences. We will ask the question of what mathematics is, what it does, its history and modern development, the culture and practice of mathematics as a discipline, and how it relates to science and engineering.


Course Structure

In the lectures, I will assume that all students have done the assigned reading. I will try to supplement the material by adding extra details and examples as needed.


The course grade will be as follows:

Grading concerns must be presented to me in writing within one week of when the worksheets are graded.

All work must meet the standards of the University of Pennsylvania’s Code of Academic Integrity. Lack of knowledge of these policies does not excuse a violation. Working together is allowed (and encouraged) on worksheets, but all work should stand alone.

How to be successful

To be successful in the course will require:

In practical terms, if you want to do well in the course, it is absolutely essential that you keep up with the material in a timely way. Late homework will generally not be accepted.