Rutgers MATH 536, Spring 2021.
Algebraic Geometry: schemes and other things

Rational points of bounded height outside the 27 lines on
Clebsch's diagonal cubic surface
Welcome to the homepage for Algebraic Geometry II (Rutgers MATH 536)!

This course is designed to be a second course in Algebraic Geometry and a first/second course in schemes. The primary material covered will be some combination/subset of Hartshorne Chapters 1 and 2, with possible additional topics depending on time and interest.

Here are a few resources available for this course:

  • Rutgers Course Canvas Page
  • Lecture Notes will be available on this page (link above)
  • As a connected (optional) social space, you can use the Torsor Lounge Discord server. You can find an invitation link on Canvas, or email me for one if you are not officially registered.
  • Another resource available is our Zulip server, where you can discuss homework problems, questions which come up, and other things. As with the discord server, you can get an invitation link on Canvas, or via email.
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