Etale cohomology reading seminar

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Jmer étale aux Brochet, Artiste : kerzanet jacques

These notes might be difficult to understand without the lectures. If you are in the reading group, and would like a link to the corresonding video, just let me know, and I'll pass it along!

Meeting 1: The what, why and how of etale cohomology.
Meeting 2: Grothendieck topologies
Meeting 3: Sheafification, Cech spectral sequence
Meeting 4: More on the Cech spectral sequence, the Leray sequence, and a few words on descent
Meeting 5: Watching Daniel Litt's Lecture IV
Meeting 6: Comparison of etale and Zariski cohomology
Meeting 7: Etale comology of a field, strictly local rings
Meeting 8: Torsors
Meeting 9: Torsors and first Cech cohomology